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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Chair of Physical Chemistry III – Prof. Dr. Roland Marschall

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Research topics of the Marschall group
Research topics of the Marschall group

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In my research group, we combine inorganic synthetic approaches with thorough physicochemical characterization to develop new materials for solar energy conversion.

The supply of modern society with clean and sustainable energy is one of the priority issues for scientists nowadays. Therefore, solar energy conversion to generate electricity or produce solar fuels is our major research focus. Hydrogen e.g. from water splitting is often discussed as future fuel as alternative to fossil fuels, especially with respect to the environmental issues of actual hydrogen production. Thus, both sunlight and water represent cheap and renewable energy sources. Modern chemical synthesis techniques provide us the platform to prepare new nanostructured materials with tailored properties, optimized surface area and light absorption, and tuned particle size and shape. Following synthesis and characterization, we investigate the catalytic properties of our new materials in photocatalytic and photoelectrochemcial reactions, including wastewater treatment, Hydrogen generation and water splitting, or use them as building blocks to prepare composite materials.

Picture of the month – May 2019

The incorporation of Sn2+ into metal oxide semiconductors is usually accompanied with a band gap reduction due to the 5s electrons of tin. We could show the influence of solvents on the band gap during Sn2+ incorporation into the defect-pyrochlore photocatalyst KTaWO6.

DOI: 10.1002/chem.201803276

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